Midnight office



What We Do

Midnight Office is a full service event producer based in Los Angeles, CA specializing in events from meetings and conventions to special events and social gatherings. With over 15 years of events experience and the combined knowledge of the hospitality and entertainment industry, we take a customized approach to the planning and preparation that is customer focused and designed to positively impact the life cycle of an event.

Why We Do It

So you don’t have to! Let us do the “heavy lifting” to help you explore the full potential of your event experience. Our passion and love for the work that we do combined with our commitment to truly integrate our “concierge & hospitality” style service drives us to maintain our high standards of coordination & execution. We operate under the principles of communication, understanding, honesty, trust and integrity for the work that we do, and we hold these core principles to a high regard. We not only focus on what we do, but how we do it, and our promise to you is the delivery of masterful planning, mindful preparation and meticulous execution.


Valued partners

Irvine Company
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles Tourism Board
All Star Los Angeles
Paramount Studios
World Games
Universal Studios