What to expect


Step 1


A conversation is the best way to begin a relationship with clients and connect to determine how we can best serve you. A casual conversation with a team member from our creative team will be able to determine if we are able to support your needs.

Step 2


A formal meeting of the minds will offer the support that is needed to take the next step. Longer than our preliminary consultation, at this stage we will begin to dive into your desires as we unfold the important details of your event.

Step 3


From venues to vendors we provide the best resources that will enhance your event. Now that we know what your expectations are, communication style and ideal event we can be the concierge to your event planning.


Step 4


Let the fun begin! The communication has begun and the objective has been established…now it’s time to lay the blue print. Visual images, comprehensive narratives, floor plans and more will be constructed to propose the event that represents your request.

Step 6


Be it a welcome luncheon, product launch, closing reception or convention, we are excited for our client to see the full scope of the event! You may need to greet important attendees, speak with stakeholders or just be a guest and we will facilitate that.  So as we continue to cater to you, don’t hesitate to cater to your guests. Cheers!

Step 5


The time has come for you to “rest well” knowing we now have all of the ingredients needed to create a spectacular event. With our blue print masterfully constructed our talented architects will create your perfect picture. Our goal is to make the planning process seamless & create an event to be remembered.