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What We Do

Midnight Office is a full service event producer based in Los Angeles, CA specializing in events from meetings and conventions to special events and social gatherings. With over 15 years of events experience and the combined knowledge of the hospitality and entertainment industry, we take a customized approach to the planning and preparation that is customer focused and designed to positively impact the life cycle of an event.

Why We Do It

So you don’t have to! Let us do the “heavy lifting” to help you explore the full potential of your event experience. Our passion and love for the work that we do combined with our commitment to truly integrate our “concierge & hospitality” style service drives us to maintain our high standards of coordination & execution. We operate under the principles of communication, understanding, honesty, trust and integrity for the work that we do, and we hold these core principles to a high regard. We not only focus on what we do, but how we do it, and our promise to you is the delivery of masterful planning, mindful preparation and meticulous execution.


Valued partners

Irvine Company
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles Tourism Board
All Star Los Angeles
Paramount Studios
World Games
Universal Studios

Our portfolio of events


From brunches to buy-outs or traditional to unconventional we are excited to work with you on designing your perfect event.  Whether it is an intimate setting or a high profile event we will focus on customizing our planning so your experience is effortless and your event is exceptional. 


We offer a range of services


We offer a range of services and support a wide scope of meetings & events.  Our comprehensive services allow you to enhance your event by working with the top professionals in the industry.  We offer a designated Event Producer that will work with you throughout the entire planning process and assist you with building your dream event.





Our management services

Event Consultations
Comprehensive Proposals
Site Selection
Event Resume

Custom Design Concepts
Theme/Creative Design (Aesthetic/Novelty)
Supplier Sourcing
Personalized Client Meeting
Event Reference Guide

Banquets & Awards Dinners
Team Building events
Hospitality Lounge
Gifting Suite
Product Launch
Concierge Management

Meet & Greets
Event Production
Day of Execution
Board Meetings


What to expect


Step 1


A conversation is the best way to begin a relationship with clients and connect to determine how we can best serve you. A casual conversation with a team member from our creative team will be able to determine if we are able to support your needs.

Step 2


A formal meeting of the minds will offer the support that is needed to take the next step. Longer than our preliminary consultation, at this stage we will begin to dive into your desires as we unfold the important details of your event.

Step 3


From venues to vendors we provide the best resources that will enhance your event. Now that we know what your expectations are, communication style and ideal event we can be the concierge to your event planning.


Step 4


Let the fun begin! The communication has begun and the objective has been established…now it’s time to lay the blue print. Visual images, comprehensive narratives, floor plans and more will be constructed to propose the event that represents your request.

Step 6


Be it a welcome luncheon, product launch, closing reception or convention, we are excited for our client to see the full scope of the event! You may need to greet important attendees, speak with stakeholders or just be a guest and we will facilitate that.  So as we continue to cater to you, don’t hesitate to cater to your guests. Cheers!

Step 5


The time has come for you to “rest well” knowing we now have all of the ingredients needed to create a spectacular event. With our blue print masterfully constructed our talented architects will create your perfect picture. Our goal is to make the planning process seamless & create an event to be remembered.

Pleasure to meet you!


If you're interested in hiring us to plan or manage your event, get in touch through the contact form below or by emailing us at contact@themidnightoffice.com.


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